Latine Heritage Month Celebration

Saturday, September 16th @ Foote Lagoon, 1-5pm

Latine (Hispanic) Heritage Month is our flagship celebration and we're excited to share this kick-off event with our community. We've partnered with the Loveland Public Library to host four hours of dance, music and spoken word. Food trucks and vendor/community resource booths will also be part of the celebration for all to enjoy.

Dr. Manuel Del Real

Dr. Manuel Del Real is the Executive Director of HSI Initiatives and Inclusion at MSU Denver. His dissertation was an exploratory case study of five chapters of a Latino fraternity in the Midwest region of the U.S. He is also working on a documentary film based on his dissertation. He will be our celebration host and educating us on Latine heritage throughout the event!

Grupo Tlaloc Danza Azteca

Based out of Denver Colorado, GRUPO TLALOC Danza Azteca is a traditional Mexica/Azteca group embodied of Chicano/Mexicano families and students of all ages dedicated to preserving and nourishing the ancient knowledge of their ancestors. They have pledged to uphold and walk a spiritual way of life and have committed themselves to help educate the public’s view of the Aztec culture. Tlaloc means; He who fertilizes the Earth. Liquor of the Earth. He is the rain, which makes things grow.

Quetalcoatl Aztec Dance Fusion LLC

This local dance group has been performing in Fort Collins for the past 20 years. They perform traditional folklorico dances from Mexico, along with Latin and tropical rhythms. The instructor, Joaquin Rivalcoba-Jimenez, attended the National School of Dance in Mexico City and has been performing since he was five years old

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